In the Classroom

Educational Programs

We offer well run, professional staffed and structured education programs for youth.

Our Programs

Our programs cultivate a sense of enhanced independence, self-esteem, stronger family dynamic and well-being, which in turn can produce ripple effects that benefit society overall. Through ongoing evaluation and strategic strengthening of our programs, we can continue our efforts in building hope for a brighter future through filling the need.

After School Education & Safety Programs

Our After School Activities are facilitated by volunteer certified teachers and include homework help, tutoring, mentoring, instructions in practical study habits, computer literacy, board games, in-season ball games and the benefit of nutritional living. Access to recreational (i.e. dance, drumming, and circus skills) and educational needs (i.e. fine arts, multi-ethnic cultural awareness, and academic tutoring) are part of the offering for youth and their families who might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in such programs at low or no cost. The after school activities focus on activities using the STEAM initiative to cultivate a sense of enhanced independence, self-esteem, stronger family dynamic and well-being for all participants.

Summer Day Camp

Our summer ImPAKT Day Camp program provides youth from ages 9-18 with the tools they need to increase their academic performance. The program provides children opportunities for academic enrichment, character development, cultural appreciation, social responsibility, and the benefit of parental involvement through a curriculum that focuses on education through the STEAM initiative.

Robotics Program

We believe our robotics program is crucial to the future success of our children. The program provides mathematics, technology, and computer skills to school children from low-income, at-risk areas in the Ferguson-Florissant School District using the STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Science). Beyond that, it teaches leadership, teamwork, and communication skills as well. Students learn communication and self-expression skills, through tools such as step-by-step engineering design notebooks and reflective journalism. The mission of the program is to create a high level of engagement, to create a safe, supportive learning environment where children want to participate.