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Housing & Financial Assistance

We fill a critical need for families in need of financial and housing assistance.

Helping Families In Need

We work hard to ensure families in need of housing and financial assistance receive the assistance they need - even coordinating temporary emergency housing in times of crisis. Every day of the year, we receive phone calls from individuals in need of rent assistance, energy assistance, and financial assistance in general to help them avoid disconnection of utilities or eviction from their homes. Our program is designed for those in our service area needing emergency help, regardless of income.

Many of the families we help are hard-working families that have fell on hard times and need help paying bills. We are there to provide hope during troubling times and fill their need.

Poverty Levels in St. Louis

The poverty levels affecting St. Louis are devastating, so that is why we work our hardest to provide assistance to poor families in need during challenging times. Statistics from show that 39.1% of children in St. Louis families were living below the poverty line in 2015. It is because of children like this that we feel the need to fill the need through our housing and financial assistance to hard-working families who have fallen on hard times.

Fact 1

In 2015, nearly 30% of the St. Louis population had residents with an income below the poverty level.

Fact 2

39.1% of children in St. Louis families were living below the poverty level in 2015.

Fact 3

Single mother families make up the majority of poor families living in Missouri below the poverty level at 76.6%.