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Although we strive to do it all at PAKT, we recognize that we may not always be able to fill the needs of some. That's why we've created our list of partner agencies who we refer those in need who we cannot assist due to our abilities. Our resource partner list is designed for use for those who are in critical need of assistance in difficult and trying times. It is with the partnership of these agencies that we are able to care for and find assistance for the families and seniors in need.

After School Education & Safety Programs

We recognize that many families in North St. Louis counties are forced to choose between being able to pay rent, put their children through school, or simply buying food. In order to assist these food insecure families, made up of hard-working adults and seniors who simply can’t make ends meet, we offer a food and toiletry pantry program that serves on average 25 families or 100 people each week. It is from your food and toiletry donations that we are able to assist these families each week.

Volunteer Your Time

Summer Day Camp

Our summer ImPAKT Day Camp program provides youth from ages 9-18 with the tools they need to increase their academic performance. The program provides children opportunities for academic enrichment, character development, cultural appreciation, social responsibility, and the benefit of parental involvement through a curriculum that focuses on education through the STEAM initiative.

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Robotics Program

PAKT builds volunteer experiences that mobilize and inspire people to make North St. Louis County a stronger community. Founded in 1965, we create programs that foster civic engagement by activating and educating people to be agents of change. People who volunteer with PAKT provide critical services to those in need and gain valuable skills that make them better leaders, employees and all around more compassionate, committed members of the community.

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